Empower your operators

Empower your operators

Machine operators are typically well-versed on many of the issues that impede productivity but they haven’t been given the tools to communicate them to production managers.

FourJaw machine monitoring solves this problem through assigning tablets to each machine, allowing operators to designate reasons for automatically captured downtime, which helps production managers identify areas to improve machine availability.

Downtime Reasons

Track 100% of downtime

Long stoppages are tough enough to track manually, but untracked minor interruptions add-up to have a major influence on overall production and equipment effectiveness (OEE).

With FourJaw, operators can quickly and accurately log every stoppage, so operations managers can truly see where inefficiencies are dragging productivity down.

Custom Downtime Reasons

Custom downtime Monitoring categories & reasons

Every factory is different, that’s why FourJaw allows you to create custom machine downtime monitoring categories and reasons.


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