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How is "Estimated Value Gained" calculated?

The "Estimated Value Gained" indicates the potential revenue increase achievable by enhancing utilisation of a factory's machines. This provides the total monetary benefit accrued over a year from improving machine utilisation.

Estimated Value Gained= Number of Machines ×Hourly Cost ×Hours ×Days ×52 (Weeks in the year) × Utilisation Increase

Please note that to capture this additional revenue, the increased capacity must be actively employed in further productive work.

How is "Payback Period" calculated?

This calculates how long it will take to recover the initial investment (assumed here at £135 per machine per month) through the savings generated through FourJaw.

Payback Period= (
135 × 12 × Machines
Estimated Value Gained
) × 365

Where 135 is the monthly cost of FourJaw Pro per machine on an annual subscription, and 12 turns it into an annual cost.

Are Hardware, Installation or Maintenance Fees factors in this calculation?

FourJaw's IoT hardware is included in the monthly cost of all Pro subscriptions. We have used this pricing plan in the calculations used in this ROI calculator.

FourJaw can be installed by any qualified electrician thanks to its plug-and-play design. Therefore we have not included any 3rd party costs for installation.

FourJaw's machine monitoring solution does not require ongoing maintenance costs. All ongoing support is included free of cost and delivered by our dedicated customer success team.




Are there volume discounts available?

Yes, we offer a variety of volume-based discounts. For more details, please book a meeting with us to discuss your specific needs.

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