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Learn how manufacturers are using FourJaw's Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics platform in their factories to achieve operational excellence. 

Hydrafeed partners with FourJaw to Support Business Growth

Hydrafeed, a leading manufacturer of automation equipment and sub-contract supplier to the aerospace industry has partnered with FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturer achieves 100 per cent utilisation with machine monitoring

Learn how this manufacturer uses FourJaw’s manufacturing analytics platform on their CNC machines to support & inform their continuous improvement strategy

FourJaw Improves Cycle Times and Overall Factory Efficiency

FourJaw’s machine monitoring software has given cast nylon & plastic components manufacturer Westley Plastics a more efficient and productive factory floor

How FourJaw enabled this manufacturer to gain much needed production capacity

Manufacturer Armac Martin needed to find extra production capacity but had no way to measure capacity. FourJaw machine monitoring software was the solution

FourJaw, The Right Machine Monitoring Package For Packaging Automation

Cheshire-based manufacturer, Packaging Automation Ltd implemented FourJaw's machine monitoring platform to increase manufacturing productivity and capacity

Enabling Efficient Lights-Out Manufacturing

Discover how a manufacturing company that makes carbon-cutting tools enabled lights-out manufacturing to gain capacity by using machine monitoring software

Un-Locking Machine Downtime Costing More Than £100,000 In Time

Learn how FourJaw helped a customer figure out how much machine downtime from on-machine programming was costing them as a company.

Improving Night-Shift Productivity At KSW Engineering

Discover how KSW Engineering improved night-shift productivity by installing machine monitoring software. In just a few days they saw productivity increase

Durham Duplex See 400% Increase In Machine Productivity

Learn how machine manufacturer Durham Duplex used FourJaw machine downtime monitoring software to boost machine productivity from five products to 25 a day

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