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Medical equipment manufacturing

Manufacturing Analytics For Medical Device Manufacturers

We enable medical device manufacturers to make process improvements to their production lines while maintaining Good Manufacturing Practice.
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Improve Productivity

Automatically capture machine data to improve productivity, gain capacity and support continuous improvement efforts.

Gain Visibility
Understand what's happening on your factory floor, identify top downtime reasons and take corrective action.
Reduce Costs
Improve operational efficiency and reduce wasted energy usage to reduce the cost of manufacturing. 

Discover The Cure For Your Production Line Bottlenecks

Whether you're manufacturing medical instruments, apparatus, implants or machines, we know your manufacturing processes have to guarantee the highest levels of quality and regulatory adherence by maintaining Good Manufacturing Practice.

This can make implementing process improvements difficult to implement.  FourJaw machine monitoring software can cure production inefficiencies without impacting your quality procedures or regulatory commitments.

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Decrease Cost Of Goods By Increasing Productivity

FourJaw's manufacturing analytics platform monitors and analyses production data and provides actionable insight to boost machine productivity and production capacity, reducing your overall cost of production.

Medical equipment finished product
Downtime Reasons
Real-time machine data provides you with the top reasons/causes of machine downtime.
Live Data Capture
Track machine and job status, ensuring you know the state of your machines at all times.
Live Alerts
Instant notifications enable proactive action, preventing costly downtime.

Remove Complexity From Your Production Process

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are an estimated two million different kinds of medical devices on the world market, behind each one, is a manufacturer, designing, engineering and producing them, whilst navigating the highly regulated and complex supply chain to meet the highest of quality standards.

The complexity of manufacturing in the medical sector can lead to inefficiency. FourJaw enables manufacturers to overcome and master the complexity through technology.

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Manufacturing Productivity Starts Here

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factory manager using machine monitoring for factory floor visibility

Run Your Factory With Surgical Precision

Using Industry 4.0 machine monitoring technology, we provide you with accurate machine data insight to help you understand the past, manage the present and optimise your manufacturing processes for the future.

  • Real-time decision-making for productivity improvements
  • Root-cause problem-solving
  • Confident capital expenditure and hiring
  • Improved communication and culture
  • Focused continual improvement efforts
  • Improve Sustainability 

Three simple steps to factory digitisation

FourJaw plug and play machine monitoring IoT device
Install MachineLink Hardware

Simply supply power to the FourJaw MachineLink IoT device, then attach the sensor to your machine’s power cable.

Connect To The Internet

Connect the MachineLink to your factory's WiFi network (or simply wait for it to connect if you requested pre-configuration).

Securely See Your Data

Log in to the secure, cloud-based FourJaw Web App and data from your factory floor will start to pull into the platform within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which machines can use FourJaw?

FourJaw's machine monitoring solution is designed for use on all types of manufacturing equipment.

In the medical device manufacturer industry, our analytics software is frequently utilised on:

  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Inspection
  • Heat Sealing
  • Packaging
  • Weighing
How can medical device manufacturers benefit from analytics?
How can medical device manufacturers benefit from analytics?

Manufacturing analytics allows medical device manufacturers to:

  • Make informed, data-driven business decisions
  • Improve OEE and drive ROI
  • Reduce downtime - learn more about downtime monitoring with FourJaw
  • Optimise processes with real-time data
    Improve quality 
What are some current challenges facing the medical device industry?

Challenges currently facing the medical device industry include:

  • Concerns around quality: In this high-stakes industry, it's essential that all devices are manufactured to an acceptable quality; failure to do so will lead to delays, costly recalls, shutdowns and even lawsuits.
  • Supply chain challenges: Huge global demand require medical device manufacturers to be productive throughout the year. Reliable supply chairs are essential.
  • Regulations: The medical device industry abounds with high quality compliance and risk management regulations; failure to meet these will prove costly.
  • Outdated processes: Production and development of medical devices is a long, costly and highly regulated process. Manufacturers who are using modern production processes to maximise manufacturing processes and efficiency will have a competitive advantage over those who aren't.
Production manager looking at machine utilisation data


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