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Plan resources more efficiently with live prouction data

FourJaw For Planners

Plan resources more effectively, make products more profitably.
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Ensuring Production Planning Goes Smoothly

Improve your production planning by knowing the detail behind each job.  

Our productivity improvement software with integrated job tracking makes unexpected production delays and unprofitable work a thing of the past.

Improve your operational efficiency today.

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Finished run flat tyre products waiting to be shipped

FourJaw For Production Planners

FourJaw’s manufacturing analytics platform provides a real-time time view of production data so you can monitor your production plan's progress, and quickly address any operational issues. 

Guide - How to Increase Production Capacity

RIGHT RESOURCES AT THE RIGHT TIME Whether it’s people, materials or tooling, ensuring the right resources are available at the right time on the right job is critical to ensuring production downtime is minimised to maintain your KPIs such as utilisation or OEE.

REAL-TIME VIEW OF YOUR FACTORY With a complete, real-time view of your factory floor, including workflow status, you can confidently respond to production bottlenecks before there is a negative impact on your customer’s order.
Doosan CNC machines at Sterling are monitored with FourJaw machine monitoring
“You may have been in the position where you think I need to buy another machine. Because you think you’ve got a capacity problem, but now we use FourJaw we can see where we have capacity that I'm not using".
Andy WhiteProduction Manager

Understand The True Time And Cost Of Your Jobs

Compare the actual time spent on a works order to the expected time to see if you’ve overrun and use this information to quote more accurately in the future, helping to protect margins, lower production costs and identify which type of work is the most profitable.  

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Tubular finished product from precision machine shop
Machine Operator tracking machine downtime and utilisation using FourJaw

Improve Your Production Planning Today

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