Free your production line of turbulence with Machine Monitoring

Whether you're making flaps for a 737, a propulsion unit for an A380, or a spacecraft steering system, we know that efficient manufacturing is essential in the aerospace industry. FourJaw’s technology allows you to manufacture parts to the highest quality & safety standards whilst running an efficient and profitable production process by measuring OEE in real time.

Aviation blade manufacturing

Reduce manufacturing costs, and increase margins.

FourJaw Machine Monitoring software improves productivity, visibility, capacity and communication for Aviation & Aerospace factories.

All of these improvements reduce production costs, making the production of aerospace parts and components more efficient and profitable, driving your supply chain competitivenes.

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Aerospace manufacturing

Gain visibility, drive performance and availability in real time. 

Can you investigate productivity issues in real time, or do you have to wait until the end of a shift?

We know that making process improvements can be extremely difficult to achieve due to stringent quality constraints within the aerospace industry, making it even more important to keep the spindle running and remove causes of unnecessary downtime.

FourJaw's manufacturing analytics platform provides real-time alerts, making communication between people and departments quick and efficient. This means production issues can be dealt with quickly, ensuring production line disruption is kept to a minimum and machine time is at a maximum.

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Increase Manufacturing Production

Intelligent machine data is an invaluable tool for driving aerospace and aviation productivity. Gathering accurate, real-time data and alerting staff of unplanned downtime can massively reduce interruptions to production flows and increase machine runtime.

Accessible and actionable analytics in your aviation manufacturing plant means improved productivity, less production downtime and higher output. All of which leads to better profitability. 

Utilising industry leading manufacturing technologies is an essential part of digital transformation in the aviation industry. FourJaw’s superior software is a key tool for manufacturing centres with an ambitious growth strategy. 

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MachineLink iot device for monitoring any automotive manufacturing machine

FourJaw's IoT Hardware Works On Any Production Machine

Regardless of age, brand or model.



Install Hardware

Simply supply power to the IoT device, then attach a sensor to your machine’s power cable.


Connect To WiFi

Connect the hardware to your shop-floor WiFi network.


Unlock Productivity

Login to the app and start identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

*Self-installation takes around 10-20 minutes – no specialist experience required. ** Please note this can take much longer depending on the time from provisioning to installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Aerospace Machines Can Use FourJaw?
FourJaw’s advanced machine monitoring works on all types of manufacturing equipment, and is suitable for all factories. 

In the Aerospace and Aviation industry, our analytics software is often used on the following manufacturing machines: 
  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Turning    
  • CNC Milling    
  • Drilling
  • Oxy-fuel cutting machines    
  • Laser Cutting    
  • Waterjet Cutting    
  • Plasma Cutting    
  • Grinding    
  • Inspection
  • Packaging 
  • Weighing
Learn more about CNC machine monitoring with FourJaw.