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FourJaw's Hardware

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How It works

The MachineLink Hardware uses sensors and powerful algorithms to recognise when the machine is in a productive or unproductive state.

The Operator Tablet automatically prompts operators to select downtime reasons, shows performance through a shift, enables work booking and can be used as a communication platform.

The Web App visualises your factory floor data, so you can manage your operations on a day-by-day basis as well as provide actionable insight into where productivity and energy improvements can be achieved. 


What data you get

Utilisation Data
Drive continuous improvement with real-time utilisation and OEE metrics
Energy Usage
Understand the true cost of energy within your manufacturing processes
Carbon Footprint
See how energy usage translates to costs and carbon footprint to motivate change
Automatic Alerts
Identify and resolve potential issues before they can impact your production
Downtime Reasons
See the top machine downtime reasons by factory, cell or machine
Work Booking
Keep track of jobs and analyse the efficiency that work-to lists are executed

How your data is visualised


Manufacturers come first
The complexity of manufacturing naturally leads to inefficiency. We enable manufacturers to overcome and master the complexity through our technology.
Our mission is to deliver accessible technology that empowers manufacturers of all shapes and sizes to achieve their productivity potential. 
Armac Martin shop floor brass products

Within just 6 months, FourJaw has enabled the Armac Martin Turning section to go from a 21.7% machine utilisation rate up to 35.8% today. 

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Rob McGrail - Armac Martin CEO
Rob McGrail Armac Martin - CEO

Discover FourJaw Machine Monitoring

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Put all of your production data in the palm of your hands with this easy-to-install IIoT device.
Understand Your Productivity

MachineLink uses simple current clamps and powerful algorithms to recognise when your machine is in a productive or unproductive state. It then sends this data to our cloud-based platform that you can access anywhere.

A Truly Plug & Play IIoT Device

Install in as little as 10 minutes. Simply power the device, then clip the sensor to your machine's power cable, and data will begin to appear in your dashboard right away*.

Securely See Your Data From Anywhere

As FourJaw is cloud-based, you can securely access your data anytime, anywhere. Security and feature updates to the platform are included for free in your subscription**. 

Want to learn more?

Find out more about our technology and how easy it is to install on any machine, regardless of age or brand. 
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The Operator Tablet

Mounts on (or close to) your machine so that operators can provide downtime reasons when automatically prompted.
Downtime Reasons

When MachineLink detects downtime, operators are prompted to select a downtime reason so you can use this information to drive productivity improvements.

Jobbing On / Off

Allow operators to job on and off from their machine to track time spent on jobs and schedule more efficiently.

Improve Collaboration

The people who run your machines know more than anyone else about their machines. The tablet lets operators report production issues to managers so they can help operators be more efficient.

Machine operator see OEE data in real-time with FourJaw


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