Enabling Operators To Be The Best They Can Be

The FourJaw tablet provides the necessary support to your machine operators for efficient shift management, helping to achieve your production targets.

Remove day-to-day frustrations

Nobody enjoys manually capturing production data, or keep having to leave their machine to find a missing tool. FourJaw machine monitoring is designed to make life on the factory floor easier, here's how.


Remove the frustration and agony of having to manually capture production data. FourJaw removes paper-based data capture by allowing operators to choose the downtime reason when prompted and save it securely in the cloud. Freeing up time so operators can spend more time on the things that matter most on their shift.  


Make communication between the factory floor and the top floor frictionless. Communicate via messaging in the FourJaw operator workspace and update managers or supervisors on any production issues as they arise, helping to keep misunderstandings and jobs running behind to a minimum.  


Nothing is more frustrating than starting a shift and finding out something is missing or broken part way through. FourJaw enables your machine operators to see what has happened in the previous shift by looking back at OEE performance or utilisation and the activity log.  

Operator KPI shadow

Improve Shift Productivity

Empower your operators by providing them with real-time shift data, including important KPIs such as OEE and machine utilisation.

Understand the top reasons for machine downtime and harness the data insight gained to make sure they can get the resources required to make their shift run more efficiently.  



Plan Jobs and Resources More Efficiently

Give your machine operators full job visibility of their machine minimising the chance of jobs running behind. Get automatic alerts and have the ability to enter downtime reasons in real time.

Improve speed of communication and teamwork with the ability to send instant messages so your operators can get support from colleagues in the case of an unexpected production issue.  

Improve Relationships

Facilitate positive change

Improve relationships and communication across the entire factory floor, by replacing opinions with facts.  

Remove those niggly frustrations that bother your operators by giving them accurate data insight to make informed recommendations and decisions to improve production processes.

Encourage operators to share best practices across the factory floor to improve teamwork and drive continuous improvement. 

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