Chris and Robin, FourJaw Founders

The FourJaw Story

FourJaw was founded as a spinout from the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in 2021 and from then we have had a clear mission:

To deliver accessible technology that empowers manufacturers to achieve their productivity potential.

Today, we’re made up of a diverse team of talented individuals, who individually and collectively share our passion to harness the power of technology to drive efficiency, productivity and profitability for manufacturers throughout the world.

Welcome to FourJaw!

Chris Iveson

CEO & CO-Founder 

Robin Hartley-Willows

CTO & Co-founder

We’re Driven By Three Core Values

1. Manufacturer's come first
We care

FourJaw care deeply about helping manufacturers succeed.

We empathise

FourJaw accepts customers as they are to truly understand their production challenges, fears, opportunities and desires.

We earn trust

Always be transparent and honest; regarding the benefits (and challenges) of smart factory technologies.

2. Be The Best. Collectively
We deliver value

FourJaw focuses on delivering quantifiable results for our customers, our shareholders, each other, and the wider FourJaw community.

We understand perception becomes reality

Great user experience counts. We understand that the perception of our business comes solely from the customers’ experience with our product and people. That customer perception is the reality of FourJaw.

We hire and develop the most talented people at all levels

Leaders create leaders. FourJaw hires diverse, talented people who are aligned to these values and empower them to advance within the business.

3. Change Things For The Better
We boldly innovate

Create and communicate a bold new direction that inspires.

We focus on what’s important

FourJaw delivers game-changing capabilities, we reject the unimportant opportunities.

We make a positive difference in the world

FourJaw positively impacts the ecosystems in which we operate.

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