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Production manager looking at FourJaw management dashboard

FourJaw For Managers

Drive productivity, gain capacity, and grow profitability.
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Improve Productivity

Drive continuous improvement with real-time utilisation and OEE metrics to inform decisions.

Remove inefficiencies to make more products with the same resources. 
Drive a culture of continuous improvement by giving your people the tools they need.

Get the right insight To Unlock Your Factory's Potential

Improving factory productivity and efficiency is a complex challenge.

Our technology is an operational tool that will give you the right information to overcome production challenges, unlock productivity improvements and support sustainable manufacturing initiatives. 

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All the answers are on the shop floor...

We enable you to find them.

FourJaw’s machine monitoring software is an affordable and accessible, plug-and-play technology that is guaranteed to make your life easier.

Informed Decision Making
  • Replace manual, inaccurate, time-consuming data capture, with real-time, accurate and automated data insight.
  • Empower staff to make their own decisions.
  • Improve collaboration based on shared data.
  • FourJaw provides a real-time view of both Utilisation and OEE KPIs.
  • Our smart technology can accurately measure OEE for both small-batch and volume-production workflows.
  • View and compare energy usage and machine productivity data to drive a culture of continuous improvement across your manufacturing operations. 

Root-Cause Problem Solving
  • Accurate machine data gives you the top downtime reasons by factory, cell or machine.
  • Identify where the most significant productivity gains can be made and instantly take corrective action to improve production efficiency.
  • Identify where energy is being wasted during unproductive downtime and use the insight to change behaviours and processes.


Know The Detail Behind Each Job In Real-Time
  • Plan resources and cost jobs more effectively.
  • Improve accuracy of quoting for work by understanding how long a job really took
  • Reduce inefficiencies to drive down production costs, including energy to protect and grow margins.

Increase Productivity, Gain Capacity, Improve Profitability

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Communicate Efficiently Across The Entire Factory

Enabling effective communication is key to a high-performing team.

  • Visualise your production data in real-time across the factory floor with FourJaw's LiveStream view.
  • Improve efficiency and speed of communication using FourJaw's in-app messaging feature. Assign tasks, send calls-to-action and focus your team to be the best they can be.
Machine monitoring data visualised on factory floor

Real-Time Event-Triggered Alerts

Escalate issues accordingly to remove production bottlenecks before they cause disruption, enabling you and your team to make sure jobs run on time and to budget.  

React quickly to production issues following event-triggered alerts.

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Armac Martin shop floor managers respond to production issue

Discover FourJaw Machine Monitoring

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Increasing Machine Utilisation With FourJaw

The results:
  • Machine Utilisation Increase - hitting a record of 100% utilisation
  • Understanding the true time a job takes
  • Being able to quote more accurately to improve profitability
  • Driving a friendly, competitive culture across the shop floor
  • Supporting a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Guided decisions for staff and equipment investments

Our Technology is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes

Taking your first step into the world of smart factory technology? We've put together a number of case studies showcasing how manufacturers who were once in your position have benefited from our machine monitoring platform. 

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Machine Operator tracking machine downtime and utilisation using FourJaw

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