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Improving factory productivity and efficiency is a complex challenge. We can help you overcome it by improving efficiency, managing staff, reducing costs and ensuring timely material availability for customer orders.

Complete visibility of your factory floor

FourJaw’s machine monitoring software is an affordable and accessible, plug-and-play technology that is guaranteed to make your life easier. Our technology enables you to make real-time decisions that immediately impact productivity, enabling you to ensure shifts are running efficiently and profitability.  Here’s how. 


FourJaw machine monitoring replaces manual, time-consuming data capture, which is likely to have discrepancies that are hard to pinpoint, with real-time, accurate and automated data, giving you the facts to make confident and informed decisions to improve your factory’s productivity and energy usage. 


FourJaw provides a real-time view of both Utilisation and OEE KPIs. Our smart technology can accurately measure OEE for both small-batch and volume-production workflows. View and compare energy usage and machine productivity data to drive a culture of continuous improvement across your manufacturing operations. 


FourJaw provides near ‘instant’ data insights, that allow managers to make changes to production processes far more quickly than traditional machine monitoring solutions. 


Accurate machine data gives you the top downtime reasons by factory, cell or machine, so you can identify where the biggest productivity gains can be made and instantly take corrective action to make production improvements. FourJaw also enables you to understand and track energy usage by machine, cell, production line or factory, in real-time and over time.



Communicate efficiently across the entire factory

Enabling effective communication is key to a high-performing team. Assign tasks, send calls-to-action and focus your team to be the best they can be, by sharing best practices and allocating resources more efficiently.

FourJaw allows you to configure your downtime categories, ensuring everyone is on the same page.  

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Real-time machine alerts

Real-time event-triggered events

React quickly to production issues following event-triggered alerts.

Escalate issues accordingly to remove bottlenecks before they cause disruption, enabling you and your team to make sure jobs run on time and to budget.  

Increase Productivity, Gain Capacity, Improve Profitability

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