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Westley Plastics use FourJaw

FourJaw For Finance

Make every job more profitable.
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Confident Capex Decisions
Improve Resource Allocation
Quote with Accuracy

Make commercial decisions with confidence

Get insights based on facts, not opinions.

Finance managers benefit from having a real-time and historical view of the factory floor, enabling finance managers and departments to make informed decisions about where efficiencies can be gained to improve the financial and operational performance of the factory.

Our monthly, pay-as-you-go pricing plan model means you don’t have to raise finance to realise productivity benefits.

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Real time factory floor data being viewed by manager

Make better business decisions

Maximise returns, reduce waste and pinpoint strategic investment areas for optimal business gains.

FourJaw’s machine monitoring software enables real-time tracking of production processes, identifying inefficiencies, and reducing unproductive downtime and wasted energy. 


Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency

Identifying unproductive downtime and having the data insight to reduce it allows for more work to be done using the same overhead. Therefore reducing machine hourly rate and adding higher levels of contribution. 

Optimised Resource Allocation and Inventory Management
By analysing production data, finance departments can better understand any impact on cash flow and resource allocation, based on how production capacity aligns with demand.

Benefit from Working Capital Reduction thanks to improved inventory management based on real-time production rates and material consumption helps avoid excess stock, reducing carrying costs and improving cash flow.
Enable continuous review of part cycle time, ensuring your stock value is correct.

Informed and confident CAPEX Decisions
Making the right investment decisions regarding your factory relies upon accurate information. Machine monitoring provides a real-time and over-time view of your factory floor. 

Have confidence in the numbers behind CAPEX justifications by using historical data rather than the best guess approach. 

Additionally, continuously understand if a CAPEX project is on track and delivering what the justification made out to do.


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Optimising Asset Utilisation With FourJaw

The results:
  • Machine Utilisation Increase - hitting a record of 100% utilisation
  • Understanding the true time a job takes
  • Being able to quote more accurately to improve profitability
  • Driving a friendly, competitive culture across the shop floor
  • Supporting a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Guided decisions for staff and equipment investments

Our Technology is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes

Taking your first step into the world of smart factory technology? We've put together a number of case studies showcasing how manufacturers who were once in your position have benefited from our machine monitoring platform. 

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Machine Operator tracking machine downtime and utilisation using FourJaw

Make your business more efficient

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