What Is Downtime Monitoring?

Downtime monitoring software is used to improve production efficiency and factory floor productivity. The technology captures accurate real-time data on downtime events in your manufacturing facility. You can use this information to improve machine utilisation, OEE, production capacity and understand the true cost of jobs.  

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Track 100% of Machine Downtime

Use manufacturing downtime tracking software to understand your factory's true machine utilisation by factory, cell, or individual machines. 

Accurate insights

Data replaces opinion that enables run time discrepancies to be more easily and confidently resolved. 

Factory floor visibility

See the top machine downtime reasons by factory, cell or machine. 

Identify pinch points

Locate bottlenecks in the production process to drive productivity and gain capacity. 

Use these benefits to reduce downtime and increase OEE.

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FourJaw Features

  • Downtime Pareto
  • Custom Categories
  • Operator Dashboard
  • Automated Alerts

Downtime Pareto

FourJaw's Downtime Pareto chart gives a view of the top downtime reasons as a percentage of total downtime
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Track 100% Of Machine Downtime

✔️FourJaw's Downtime Pareto chart gives a view of the top downtime reasons as a percentage of total downtime. 

✔️Make changes that will have the biggest impact to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to gain valuable production capacity and maximise machine utilisation.

Custom Categories

FourJaw allows you to create custom machine downtime monitoring categories and reasons to ensure data classification suits how you work.
Custom Downtime Reasons

Custom Downtime Monitoring Categories & Reasons

Manual processes to track machine/operation run times can potentially lead to unreliable estimates and forecasts.

FourJaw allows you to create custom machine downtime monitoring categories and reasons to ensure data classification suits how you work.

What are you waiting for? Capture every downtime reason in your factory. Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty and say hello to lower production downtime and higher return on investment.

Operator Dashboard

The interface on the tablets mounted to your operators machines allows them to provide downtime reasons when automatically prompted.
Operator Tablet beta

Automated Alerts

Improve speed of communication. Alert production managers based on tailored event triggers that are important to your operations. 
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The Operator Tablet

Mounts to your machines so that operators can provide downtime reasons when automatically prompted.

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Downtime Reasons

When FourJaw detects downtime, operators are prompted to select a downtime reason so you can use this information to drive productivity improvements.

Jobbing On / Off

Allow operators to job on and off from their machine to track time spent on jobs and schedule more efficiently.

Improve Collaboration

The people who run your machines know more than anyone else about their machines. The tablet lets operators report production issues to managers so they can help operators be more efficient.

Operators are prompted to enter a reason when downtime is detected

Machine operator logging machine downtime reasons on FourJaw tablet

Empower Your Machine Operators

Machine operators often know about production issues that impact productivity, but lack the tools to effectively communicate them to production managers.

FourJaw machine monitoring solves this problem with easy-to-use tablets that allow operators to log and communicate issues in real-time. This data enables both operators and managers to identify areas for improvement and boost machine availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure machine downtime?

Machine downtime is measured through recording of when a machine is not running or producing parts. Calculated as a percentage, equipment downtime analysis allows you to track and compare production levels over a period of time. The calculation is as follows: 


Total Time Machine is Up

                  _______________________        * 100


Total Time 

Machine downtime measures how frequently machines, cells, or factories are faced with unplanned downtime. Recording and reporting downtime allows production managers to review resource utilisation and identify production inefficiencies. 


What is equipment downtime analysis?

Equipment downtime analysis is the process of reporting, reviewing and strategising, using information given by a machine downtime software. 

Downtime analysis is an essential part of running a successful manufacturing plant. It enables production managers to better understand issues affecting production and fix them.

Is downtime monitoring important?

Tracking downtime gives managers accurate and reliable information which can paint a clearer picture as to what is causing production delays and issues. Production managers can use this information for decision-making and production planning to improve efficiencies, productivity and OEE.

Can you monitor energy with downtime monitoring?

Yes. FourJaw's downtime monitoring software can also monitor energy usage. Enabling manufacturers to understand energy usage by machine, factory or cell. Find out more about energy monitoring here. 

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