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Productivity equals profitability. Grow both.

If your production line ain’t running, you ain’t making money. FourJaw provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire factory floor, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve root causes of lost productivity, so that you can be producing more products with the same resources thanks to improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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Take control of your shop floor

Suffering from these common manufacturing problems?

Communications issues between the top floor and factory floor

FourJaw makes sure everyone’s on the same page.

Discovering unplanned downtime only after it has created major issues

Automatic alerts notify the right person, at the right time.

Wasting time on manual data capture when you could be focusing on what’s important

Our hardware automatically captures machine data from any and all machines.

Inaccurate information making it hard for you to know what the truth really is

Manual data capture is inaccurate and laborious. FourJaw makes data capture quick and easy.

Not knowing what your machine utilisation is

FourJaw lets you see your utilisation by Factory, Cell, and Machine to help improve your factory’s OEE.

Work orders constantly falling behind schedule

Import your work orders and see how much time is being spent on them.

Get in the know

FourJaw has all the features you need to run your factory effectively

Image shows FourJaw machine monitoring dashboard data for machine uptime and downtime.
Machine Monitoring

Monitor factory performance

Intuitive exploration of key production metrics, such as utilisation and top downtime reasons to help improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Image shows machine monitoring dashboard with machine downtime reasons shown
Operational Alerts

React to issues quickly

When production issues arise, empower a rapid response by automatically sending a notification to the correct person or team so they can take immediate corrective action.

Downtime Tracking

What’s causing stoppages?

See what the main reasons for downtime are and proactively make changes to drive Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) KPI improvements.


Track progress of work orders

Manage your entire factory from the palm of your hand, anywhere.

“Fourjaw is giving us the ability to see areas of downtime that in the past we would have had to micromanage to discover.”

Harry Gray
Sales Manager at KSW Engineering

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Run your Factory floor from anywhere.

Constantly patrolling the factory floor for issues may be excellent for getting your steps in, but it isn’t very productive, especially since FourJaw will automatically do all of this for you.

Everything you need to run, operate, and grow your manufacturing is at your fingertips with FourJaw, this is especially useful when running machines during lights-out. To that end, you should probably renew your gym membership.

No more guesswork

We keep tabs on what’s happening in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about guessing where your problems are coming from.

FourJaw’s cloud-based machine monitoring platform lets you know exactly what’s happening on your factory floor 24/7, providing you with actionable insight to take immediate actions to ensure your machines are running at optimum production capacity.

FourJaw works on any Machine, regardless of age, brand or model

How it works in 3 simple steps*


Install Hardware

Simply supply power to the IoT device, then attach a sensor to your machine’s power cable.


Connect to WiFi

Connect the hardware to your shop-floor WiFi network.


Unlock productivity

Login to the app and start identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

*Self-installation takes only 10 minutes – no specialist experience required

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Power your command centre with live data

Automatic alerts and live dashboards empower your team to spot issues as they occur and act on potential crises before they ruin your day.

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