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David Robertson

David is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at FourJaw. David has a background in marketing and data analytics having worked for a number of ISPs and technology companies during his career to date. At FourJaw David blends his analytics capabilities with his passion for creating and delivering engaging user-focused digital experiences.

Blog Post by David Robertson

David RobertsonMay 30, 2023 3:32:15 PM2 min read

Made in Midlands Releases Their Big Sustainability Report 2023

Made in Midlands' Big Sustainability Report 2023 reveals UK manufacturing growth and a ...
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David RobertsonMay 4, 2022 3:38:19 PM3 min read

Levelling Up Machine Utilisation For UK Manufacturing

UK manufacturing accounts for 10% of the UK economy, we believe it should be more. Find ...
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David RobertsonMar 7, 2022 12:45:35 PM4 min read

How manufacturers can beat “The Great Resignation”

The Great Resignation. A term to describe the tidal wave of people quitting their jobs ...
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David RobertsonFeb 17, 2022 3:38:49 PM7 min read

How can Lean Manufacturing Can Elevate Your Factory?

Discover how, when done well, the standard lean production model leads to a net ...
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David RobertsonJan 5, 2022 3:23:45 PM5 min read

The benefits of machine monitoring explained.

How machine monritoing can help manufacturing production teams can get full visibility on ...
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David RobertsonDec 1, 2021 10:16:49 AM4 min read

Kickstart programme to get 'young people' into UK Manufacturing

This blog looks at the Kickstarter programme designed to help UK manufacturers attract ...
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David RobertsonNov 1, 2021 11:30:00 AM6 min read

Artificial Intelligence – 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts for Manufacturers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform manufacturing operations in ...
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David RobertsonAug 31, 2021 3:16:00 PM4 min read

Finding the sweet spot for CNC machining data

There is no great art to masking shop floor inefficiencies and poor productivity when ...
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David RobertsonJul 13, 2021 2:07:00 PM3 min read

Strategic Positioning for Machining Businesses

If all a manufacturing business does is trade machine time for money, then anyone who ...
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David RobertsonJul 13, 2021 1:56:00 PM4 min read

Tips on how to optimise batch manufacturing using machine monitoring

Small-batch manufacturers make things for across industries, but the production problems ...
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David RobertsonJun 30, 2021 2:10:00 PM6 min read

10 Hurdles for Industry 4.0 Uptake

UK manufacturers are still playing catch up on the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies ...
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David RobertsonJun 28, 2021 2:13:00 PM6 min read

Three key trends for manufacturing in the age of COVID-19

Big changes are happening in the world of manufacturing, we look at the opportunities ...
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