As the results from a recent survey conducted by MakeUk show, Britain’s manufacturers are warning that their energy costs have already spiralled out of control, with nearly half reporting that their electricity bills have shot up by over 100% in the past 12 months and 53% expect the same fate in the coming year.

Manufacturers across the country face the triple pressures of rising energy costs, supply chain challenges, and a widespread skills gap across the sector, every efficiency gain counts – large or small. FourJaw wants to help manufacturers across the country overcome these challenges by increasing machine utilisation to ensure energy is used as effectively as possible.

Although not originally designed to reduce energy usage, machine monitoring software can help factory production lines, indirectly, reduce their energy usage and become more efficient and sustainable.

How can machine monitoring help my factory save energy?

Because our machine monitoring software reports on your machine utilisation, by machine, cell or factory, the real-time data captured allows you to see when a machine is being run but doesn't need to be, i.e. wasting energy.

By identifying 'negative machine downtime' we have helped a number of manufacturers reduce their production costs, thanks to the data insight FourJaw machine monitoring provided.

Can machine monitoring help us to be a more sustainable manufacturer?

Sustainability is a wide and far-reaching subject matter. Whether it’s how and where you source your raw materials from, where you get your fuel from and of course, how ‘green’ your factory building is.

From a production line perspective, to be sustainable, a manufacturer must first be efficient with the current resources they operate, from the machines being operated and the waste material generated.

One way machine monitoring software can help you on your journey to being more sustainable is by measuring your machine productivity levels, ensuring all equipment (new and old) is running as optimally as possible. Thus reducing wastage, both in terms of raw materials but also time and energy.

Our technology offers an affordable and accessible way for manufacturers of all sizes to start to measure and improve their overall equipment effectiveness, by enabling you to understand your past performance, manage your current performance and optimise for the future.