FourJaw is delighted to become a proud member of MakeUK, the Manufacturers' organisation.

From the first industrial revolution to the fourth, manufacturing has been the UK’s economic engine and our purpose is to support productive manufacturing to elevate lives, communities and society through the use of smart technology.

MakeUK shares a similar ethos, focussing on creating the most supportive environment for UK manufacturers to thrive which is why we wanted to become a member.

FourJaw is looking forward to engaging with MakeUK and its members through sharing knowledge, best practices and valuable resources so together we can ensure UK manufacturing reaches its productivity potential, enabling it to prosper and compete on the world stage. 

FourJaw created our accessible and affordable, plug-and-play machine monitoring platform to enable manufacturers, of all sizes to drive productivity improvements by understanding the past, managing the present and optimising for the future.

About MakeUK

MakeUK enables manufacturers to connect, share, solve problems and create opportunities together. We do this through regional and national meetings, groups, events and advisory boards. We work at every level to ensure UK Manufacturing performs and grows, now and in the future.

The 20,000 manufacturers Make UK represent consistently demonstrate their ingenuity and resilience, providing solutions to the biggest societal challenges we face today.

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