With energy costs going through the roof, and government incentives for energy efficiency available, reducing energy usage is a priority for many manufacturers. 

Driving efficient manufacturing processes is at the heart of FourJaw's manufacturing analytics platform and today we are excited to announce that Energy monitoring will soon join our product offering.

Manufacturers already trust and rely on FourJaw to monitor the productivity of manufacturing equipment to optimise their manufacturing processes and soon you'll be able to combine the productivity insight, with energy usage data, enabling manufacturers to drive efficiencies, reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint.

What to expect with the FourJaw Energy Monitoring feature

At the end of March, Energy Monitoring will be available on all FourJaw subscriptions at no extra cost. Manufacturers will be able to understand energy usage, in real-time and over time by machine, cell or factory.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect to see when Energy Monitoring launches.

Energy Consumption

Understand how much energy is used by machines, cells or factories, track trends and make informed decisions to reduce usage and improve efficiency.

Energy consumption by day for a factory

Carbon Footprint by Machine

Understand your carbon footprint by machine to support your sustainable manufacturing initiatives.

01 Asset Benchmarking Carbon footprint

Cost of Energy Used

Understand how much the energy you've used has cost.

01 Asset Benchmarking Cost of energy


Energy Efficiency Ranking

FourJaw's Energy Efficiency Metric combines energy use and productivity data to rank machines by energy efficiency. This table lists up to 10 machines, you can configure which machines it shows by choosing the factory, cell or machine.

01 Efficiency ranking


If you're an existing FourJaw customer, look out for further communication in the coming weeks, alternatively, you can reach out to our Customer Success team here. 

If you're not already a FourJaw customer, you can submit your details to join the waiting list and be the first to get access to FourJaw Energy Monitoring functionality when it is available.