Your Journey To Maximising Manufacturing Productivity Starts Here

Our team is here to support you, from the initial onboarding process right the way through to identifying improvement opportunities and working with you to measure the effectiveness the process improvements have in your manufacturing business.

Find out more about our 'Productivity Improvement' customer journey process below and learn from fellow manufacturers about how they've driven productivity, gained capacity and grown profitability using the FourJaw manufacturing analytics platform. 

Meet The FourJaw Customer Support Team

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Chris Parkin


Chris has an extensive manufacturing background working his way from apprentice to head of operations.

As a Lean Six-Sigma Green belt, Chris applies his experience and lean principles to enhance manufacturing processes for better quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency for FourJaw's customers. 

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Richard Donson

Customer Support Representative

Richard started his career as a CNC machine programmer and has experienced the challenges of the shop floor first-hand. Over the past 10 years, he has worked in customer-facing roles, prioritising customer satisfaction.

As you onboard with FourJaw, Richard will work alongside you to ensure a smooth rollout across your factory.

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Growing Capacity and Productivity. 

Watch Now and Learn how instant factory floor visibility resulted in the following:

  • 14% increase in machine utilisation
  • 65% parts increase
  • Ability to identify which machines are and aren't utilised
  • Accurate data to make informed, confident commercial decisions

Top Tips For A Successful Roll-Out


Ensure the right people and internal resource is allocated from the start to maximise the success of your onboarding process.


Your operators are pivotal to the rollout's success. Make sure they are fully aware of the platform, how it will help them, and what the goals are.


Share the data at your daily/weekly production meetings to ensure stakeholders benefit from the insight to drive continuous improvement.

FourJaw Productivity Improvement

Customer Journey


Our process for getting you configured and set up with FourJaw.


Guided Tour

A guided tour of the platform that will be tailored to your manufacturing processes and challenges.


Order Placed

Once the order is placed, we’ll dispatch your hardware within five working days.


Machine Details

Provide the key points of contact, machines / production line details being monitored, and factory Wi-Fi details.



Plug-And-Play hardware installed by your own, qualified, electrician.


Our process to validate your data, train and drive cultural adoption.


Data Classification

Confirm Data Classification is correct, per machine, calibrating FourJaw to your machines.


Stakeholder Training

A virtual training session to get you and the key stakeholders confident with the platform.


Data Analysis

Collect and analyse machine data to gain an understanding of the ‘current state’.


Our process to analyse, refine and optimise to drive continuous improvement and ROI.



Explore utilisation/OEE plus downtime reasons, and make recommendations /changes to processes to drive improvement.


Measure & Refine

After 2-4 weeks measure and refine based on data insight following changes from step 08.


Improvement & ROI

Look at the productivity improvements achieved, calculate an ROI to support the business case for further roll-out.

Need Support?

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Contact the team

You can contact our customer support team Monday-Friday,  8:00 am until 5:30 pm (GMT), simply complete the form or contact them via the details below. 

Phone: (+44) 0114 400 0158



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Frequently Asked Questions

Our IT security policy has strict controls on connecting external units to the network. How does FourJaw cooperate with this?

Network security is rightly very important to a business and we have built the FourJaw platform with this in mind so that installation is as simple as possible without compromising on security.

As the nature of the data we are collecting isn’t particularly sensitive, we only require a stable connection to the internet, allowing you to be in full control of what our MachineLink has access to on your internal network.

In some instances, customers will set up a dedicated network for FourJaw to use with appropriate firewall protection in place. 

How can I help machine operators to understand the process and benefits of machine monitoring?

We always recommend an open and honest policy with everyone in the business, high levels of communication right from the start allow operators to share their thoughts and potential concerns. 

FourJaw gives operators a voice to easily and accurately demonstrate to the business where valuable machine time is being lost, which then drives potential continuous improvement projects to reduce waste and improve the uptime of the machine.

Check out this blog that shares tips about how to get machine operators on board from day one. 

How long does the onboarding process take?

Once we have all the machine details, our team can start working on the order straight away and dispatch your hardware to you on a next-day delivery within 24-48 hours.

The installation process by your maintenance team can take between 10-30 minutes per machine and once installed, you will start to collect the data immediately.

A summary of the steps we take through the process is detailed above in 'PHASE 01: START' typically it takes between 5-10 working days to complete. 

What does a good onboarding example look like when rolling out machine monitoring software?
  • All key stakeholders in the business from Operations, Engineering, Quality, and Senior Leadership teams are aligned and agree to dedicate internal resources to the project
  • All machine operators are spoken to before the FourJaw hardware is delivered
  • All relevant machine details and set-up details are completed and sent to FourJaw ASAP
  • IT network champions are aware and comfortable with the project
  • Data insight is regularly reviewed as part of daily/weekly production plans to drive continuous improvement