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Chris Iveson & Robin Hartley Willows founders of FourJaw
James BrookSep 13, 2023 10:10:25 AM2 min read

Celebrating 3 years of driving productivity around the globe

Time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t believe that it’s already been 3 years since our co-founders brought their vision of maximising manufacturing productivity across the globe to life!

Founded in September 2020 by Chris Iveson and Robin Hartley-Willows, FourJaw’s manufacturing analytics platform is now trusted by more than 100 manufacturers in the UK and overseas across a wide range of subsectors to enable them to maximise the productivity of their machines.  We’ve grown significantly in 3 years and in the last 12 months have seen our revenues grow by more than 400%.

Copy of FourJaw team 2023
Robin Hartley-Willows (L) and Chris Iveson (R) founded FourJaw in September 2020.
Our award-winning manufacturing analytics platform harnesses Industry 4.0 principles to enable manufacturers of all sizes to get a real-time view of their factory floor by capturing machine productivity and energy usage data and turning it into actionable insight so they can make informed decisions to improve productivity and efficiency, profitability and sustainability.
FourJaw offices in Sheffield

FourJaw office is located close to the heart of Sheffield City Centre. Photo Credit: University of Sheffield.

It's fair to say a lot has happened in the world over the course of 3 years. Coming out of a pandemic caused awash of economic ups and downs increasing the pressure on manufacturers to look at new and innovative ways to remain competitive. We’ve seen a substantial uplift in manufacturers turning to smart technology like ours to help them navigate the challenges, unlock opportunities and help them on their journey to net zero which has resulted in enquiries more than doubling in the last nine months.

To support the growth in demand we’ve made a number of new hires in the sales, customer success and marketing departments, including a number in senior leadership, taking the headcount to 20, and we are just about to embark on another recruitment drive to expand our development team.

FourJaw commercial team Some of the members from FourJaw's Customer Support, Marketing and Sales teams . Credit: University of Sheffield.
Chris Iveson, Co-Founder and CEO of FourJaw said:

“From the food you eat, to the clothes you wear, to the car you drive- everything you interact with on a daily basis has been manufactured in one way or another. Productive manufacturing is therefore vital to a prosperous society.

We are absolutely delighted to be entering our third year in such a strong position. We were founded with a clear mission. To deliver accessible technology that empowers manufacturers to achieve their productivity potential and it is incredibly rewarding to see manufacturers achieving this with our technology.

Three years ago we were just starting out. Today we are eager for the future and have exciting plans to help us scale faster. With our diverse and talented team expanding further, I am very excited to continue to provide the best service possible to our existing and new customers and maximise manufacturing productivity across the globe. Watch this space!”