Energy Monitoring from FourJaw 

Unlike a standalone Energy Monitoring solutions, FourJaw combines Energy Usage Data and Machine Usage Data to drive sustainable, productive and profitable manufacturing:

Energy + Productivity Monitoring = Sustainable, Efficient, Profitable Manufacturing

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Energy Monitoring Features

  • Energy Consumption
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Cost of Energy Used
  • Energy Efficiency Ranking

Energy Consumption

Understand how much energy is used by machines, cells or factories.
Energy Monitoring By Day
Track trends and make informed decisions to reduce usage and improve efficiency.
Energy consumption in some operations is proportionally a large amount of the overall manufacturing costs. Understanding the cost on a part-by-part basis enables more accurate costing meaning you can understand the margin quicker.

Carbon Footprint

Understand your carbon footprint by machine.
Carbon Footprint
Provide evidence of energy use reduction to regulatory bodies e.g. Climate Change Agreements with the Environment Agency (UK).

Cost of Energy Used

Understand how much the energy you've used has cost.
Asset Benchmarking Cost of energy
Reduce the cost of production by understanding the cost of energy and reducing unproductive downtime.
Understand what work is most profitable and how to quote more accurately.

Energy Efficiency Ranking

Rank machines by energy efficiency.
Energy Efficiency ranking by machine
FourJaw's Energy Efficiency Metric combines energy use and productivity data to rank machines by energy efficiency.

Drive Productivity and Sustainability

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FourJaw MachineLink for Machine monitoring software platform

Get Installed in 3 Easy Steps


Install Hardware

Simply supply power to the MachineLink hardware, then attach a sensor to your machine’s power cable. It’s as simple as ‘Clip, Plug and Play’.


Connect To WiFi

Connect the MachineLink hardware to your shop-floor WiFi network. Or if you’d prefer you can connect via an Ethernet connection.


Unlock Productivity

Log in to the secure web app and within 10 minutes** or so of the hardware being online you will have real-time data visibility to start identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

*Self-installation takes around 10-20 minutes – no specialist experience required. ** Please note this can take much longer depending on the time from provisioning to installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate is FourJaw Energy Monitoring?

The accuracy of the energy use values will depend on the accuracy of the power factor of your machines plus the accuracy of the current clamp measurement.

FourJaw current clamps have been independently tested and in the range of 1 - 100 Amps, the accuracy is +/- 5.5%.

Energy monitoring in this way is accurate enough to show you trends and anomalies. For applications requiring more accurate data on energy monitoring, you can scale the energy use stated by FourJaw to that given by an accurately calibrated ammeter by changing the power factor of the machine.

Will FourJaw Energy Monitoring work on all my machines?

Current Range
The current clamps we use work on any machine where each phase has a current draw from 50mA-100A.

3-phase or 1-Phase
If your machine uses 3-phase electricity, simply clamp around one phase of the main incoming supply and make sure the machine has 3-phase chosen within the FourJaw energy settings. If 1-phase, clamp to either the live or neutral, but not both at the same time, and choose 1-phase in settings. 

Age, Make and Model
The age, make or model of the machine doesn’t impact the efficacy of the FourJaw platform.

Sometimes to optimise productivity and energy monitoring at the same time, the current clamps need to be moved to be on both the power supply and a particular spindle. If this is the case, our support team will work with you to get this right.

How do you calculate Energy Used, Cost and Carbon Footprint?

We calculate power usage as follows:

Single Phase
P = pf × I × V / 1000
In this formula, the amount of power - P (in kW) is equal to the power factor of the load (pf) multiplied by the phase current measured in Amps (A), multiplied by the Root Mean Square (RMS) line-to-line voltage (V), and divided by 1000.

P (kW)= √3 × pf × I × V /1000
The power - P (in kW) equals the square root of three (√3) multiplied by the power factor (pf) multiplied by the current in Amps (A), multiplied by the Root Mean Square (RMS) line-to-line voltage (V) divided by 1000.

To calculate the cost:
We multiply the power used by the cost per kWh given on the settings page.

To calculate the carbon footprint:
We multiply the power used by the kilograms of carbon equivalent per kWh given on the settings page. This is defaulted to the UK government-approved value.

What settings do I need to set for FourJaw Energy Monitoring?

Name (of factory/location)
Cost per kWh
Carbon Footprint per kWh

Name (of machine (s))
Number of phases
Power Factor

Currency (e.g. GBP)
Hourly rate

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