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James Brook

A passionate and experienced Marketing Leader with a background of 15+ years in developing and implementing marketing, brand, and product strategies for companies across a breadth of sectors and geographies. Over the last five years, James has worked in the technology space, having led the global marketing function at an Industrial monitoring and control company and more recently joining FourJaw as Head of Marketing & Communications. FourJaw is a SaaS business that is helping to change the world of manufacturing productivity through its IoT machine monitoring platfom.

Blog Post by James Brook

James BrookNov 15, 2023 2:40:01 PM

Implementing the 5S Methodology in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a busy, ever-changing environment, companies are ...
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James BrookNov 9, 2023 11:53:29 AM

The Importance of Manufacturing Productivity

The importance of manufacturing productivity lies in its impact on overall ...
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James BrookOct 27, 2023 10:17:23 AM

The Role of Process & Production Optimisation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities are busy and complex environments that have a ...
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James BrookOct 25, 2023 4:58:07 PM

Is Production Capacity a Challenge or Opportunity you’re experiencing?

When production capacity is constrained, it usually results in bottlenecks ...
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James BrookOct 18, 2023 11:05:41 AM

Guess who's MACH!

MACH is back...well almost! The MACH Exhibition will be back on the 15th ...
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James BrookOct 10, 2023 3:35:23 PM

FourJaw raises £1.8m to support continued growth

We're delighted to announce we have raised £1.8 million from NPIF – Mercia ...
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James BrookOct 4, 2023 2:59:13 PM

How Industry 4.0 Technologies can drive Manufacturing Productivity Growth

In the realm of modern manufacturing, a revolution is underway. Industry ...
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James BrookSep 20, 2023 3:34:58 PM

Connecting the Dots: How IoT Revolutionises Manufacturing with Real-Time Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we interact with our ...
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James BrookSep 13, 2023 10:10:25 AM

Celebrating 3 years of driving productivity around the globe

Time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t believe that it’s already been ...
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James BrookSep 11, 2023 2:44:00 PM

The UK becomes the 8th largest manufacturing nation in the world

Make UK's annual analysis of UK manufacturing provides the latest ...
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James BrookAug 4, 2023 10:27:23 AM

Why Understanding Machine Downtime is Essential for Manufacturers

Machine downtime refers to manufacturing periods where a machine is ...
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James BrookJul 10, 2023 3:13:46 PM

Implementing Kaizen in Manufacturing

In the fast-paced, complex, and busy world of manufacturing, the concept ...
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