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FourJaw team
Chris IvesonDec 1, 2023 10:12:04 AM2 min read

2023 Recap and Highlights from FourJaw's CEO

As we approach the close of 2023, I am thrilled to reflect on the incredible journey we've had as a company and industry and express my thanks to all those who have supported us along the way.

My 2023 top five key highlights

  1. Job Creation:
    We’re proud to have been able to add more people to our already excellent team, increasing headcount by an impressive 50% since the beginning of the year. This investment in people has enabled us to enhance our products and elevate our Customer Success offerings, ensuring a more comprehensive and efficient service for our customers.
  2. Product Evolution:
    The FourJaw platform has undergone significant enhancements, from per-machine energy monitoring features being included with every FourJaw subscription at no additional cost to substantial improvements in the platform's user experience. On top of this, we have been working behind the scenes, laying the foundation for even more exciting developments which will be launched in 2024.
    We are thrilled to cap off the year with the launch of FourJaw 2.2, featuring major improvements across the board. Notable highlights include new features tailored for larger manufacturers with extensive machine monitoring needs and significant changes to the workbooking side, to be unveiled in more detail mid-December.
  3. Amazing Growth:
    A testament to our team's dedication and the market's appetite to invest in smart technologies has seen our customer base more than double since the start of 2023. This remarkable achievement is a source of pride for the entire FourJaw team as we continue to deliver on our vision to maximise manufacturing productivity around the globe.
  4. Strategic Investment:
    In the summer of 2023, we secured a £1.8 million investment round led by Mercia Ventures. This partnership is enabling us to accelerate the investment in our people, product and markets we serve, needless to say, we are excited about the future collaborations that will undoubtedly propel us to new heights.
  5. Manufacturing Investment:
    Although not a FourJaw achievement, I am extremely pleased to be ending the year with some good news for UK manufacturing. The recent announcement from the UK government, to invest £4.5 billion into the manufacturing sector is not only a success for manufacturers across the country, but it underscores the growing acknowledgement of the significance of manufacturing and the promising prospects for our industry.
    I urge the government to streamline operating costs and maximise the amount of funding that ends up in the hands of manufacturers, ensuring maximum impact for the fund, and delivering maximum benefit to the manufacturers.

As we look forward to 2024, we anticipate even more significant changes that will elevate our offerings and create unparalleled value for our customers. Stay tuned for updates—we have exciting developments in store!

I wish every one of you a joyful holiday season. Merry Christmas, and here's to a prosperous 2024!

All the best,






Chris Iveson

Chris is a Co-Founder and CEO of FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics, an investment-backed tech company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Following an early career as a mechanical design engineer at several UK manufacturers, Chris moved into the role of commercialising manufacturing research at the AMRC. In 2020 Chris along with his co-founder, Robin Hartley-Willows founded FourJaw. Today, Chris leads a high-performing team that serves manufacturers around the world spanning aerospace and defence, pharmaceuticals, food production to textiles with its cloud-based manufacturing analytics platform.