Unlocking Energy Savings in Manufacturing: Energy Monitoring Made Easy

Tuesday, March 28th 2023

With energy costs going through the roof, and government incentives for energy efficiency available, reducing energy usage is a priority for many manufacturers...

Unlike a standalone Energy Monitoring solution, FourJaw’s platform now combines Energy Use data and Machine Use Data to drive sustainable, productive and profitable manufacturing.

This new feature enables you to make informed decisions about processes to drive energy efficiency, including identifying inefficient machines for maintenance or operator training and encouraging behavioural change across your factory.

You can visualise energy usage, cost and carbon footprint in real-time and over-time, identify peak energy usage times and shift usage to lower-cost times, and reduce peak load by smoothing energy usage across the day.

Join our event to learn more about how FourJaw's energy monitoring feature can help your business become more profitable and sustainable. 

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What you will learn:
  • How FourJaw energy monitoring works 
  • Techniques for identifying energy-inefficient machines
  • How to reduce peak loads and optimise energy usage for cost savings

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