Easy To Install

It’s Really This Easy To Install FourJaw Machine Monitoring

No Complex PLC Integrations Needed

Unlike traditional machine monitoring platforms, FourJaw doesn’t require costly PLC integrations.

Only Needs Power And WiFi

We’ve made sure that our machine monitoring platform is as quick and easy to install as a household printer.

Works On Any And All Machines

FourJaw is a plug & play machine monitoring system that can be easily installed on any machine, regardless of age or brand.


Simple, Universal Installation

FourJaw is a plug & play machine monitoring platform that is simple to install on any machine, regardless of brand, model or age.



Install Hardware

Simply supply power to the MachineLink hardware, then attach a sensor to your machine’s power cable. It’s as simple as ‘Clip, Plug and Play’.


Connect To WiFi

Connect the MachineLink hardware to your shop-floor WiFi network. Or if you’d prefer you can connect via an Ethernet connection.


Unlock Productivity

Log in to the secure web app and within 10 minutes or so of the hardware being online you will have real-time data visibility to start identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

*Self-installation can be done in around 10-20 minutes – no specialist experience required.

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