Introducing The MachineLink

This easy-to-install IIoT machine monitoring device captures utilisation data from your machine and sends it to our cloud platform.


Understand Your Productivity

FourJaw's MachineLink hardware is how our machine monitoring platform captures whether your machine is productive or not.  The data is then sent to our secure, cloud-based platform which presents the utilisation and OEE data and much more.

A Truly Plug-and-Play IIoT device

Our MachineLink hardware is incredibly fast and hassle-free. In as little as 10 minutes, you can get it up and running on any machine, no matter the brand, model or age. No PLC integrations are needed.

Securely see your data from anywhere

FourJaw machine monitoring platform is cloud-based, you can securely access your data anytime, anywhere. Security and feature updates to the platform are included for free in your subscription**

FourJaw Works on Any Machine, regardless of Age, type or model

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'Clip, Plug-and-Play' Installation

Using simple to install clamps makes it easy to extract accurate and real-time machine data so you can understand the top causes of downtime by factory, cell or machine. 

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of manual tracking, say no thank you to expensive traditional machine monitoring solutions and hello to efficient and effortless data collection with our accessible and affordable machine monitoring software platform.

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The MachineLink is Installed in 3 Easy Steps


Install Hardware

Simply supply power to the MachineLink hardware, then attach a sensor to your machine’s power cable. It’s as simple as ‘Clip, Plug and Play’.


Connect To WiFi

Connect the MachineLink hardware to your shop-floor WiFi network. Or if you’d prefer you can connect via an Ethernet connection.


Unlock Productivity

Log in to the secure web app and within 10 minutes** or so of the hardware being online you will have real-time data visibility to start identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

*Self-installation takes around 10-20 minutes – no specialist experience required. ** Please note this can take much longer depending on the time from provisioning to installation.

The Operator Tablet

Mounts to your machine so that operators can provide downtime reasons when prompted.

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Downtime Reasons

When MachineLink detects downtime, operators are prompted to select a downtime reason so you can use this information to drive productivity improvements. Learn more about downtime monitoring.

Jobbing On / Off

Allow operators to job on and off from their machine to track time spent on jobs and schedule more efficiently. Learn more about job tracking.

Improve Collaboration

The people who run your machines know more than anyone else about their machines. The tablet lets operators report production issues to managers so they can help operators be more efficient.

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