Drive Continuous OEE Improvement With Real-Time Manufacturing Data

Drive Continuous OEE Improvement With Real-Time Manufacturing Data

The old saying “You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” holds especially true when it comes to improving your factory’s OEE. So, the first step to improving OEE is to deploy a reliable and accurate machine monitoring platform. FourJaw is the easy-to-install platform that can help you determine your machine’s availability and identify areas where OEE can be improved.

Get Started On Your OEE Journey With FourJaw

Get Started On Your OEE Journey With FourJaw…

Improve your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) with plug and play machine monitoring. Prices start from as little as £74.99 per month with no lengthy contracts.

Benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Resource optimisation for each job

Achieve all of this and more without the need for new machine investments or extra shifts!

Turn Your Factory Into A Well-Oiled Machine.

FourJaw Machine Monitoring Features

Real-Time Visibility

With automated alerts and live dashboards, live data connects your top floor to your shop floor, empowering your team to see and act on issues as they arise.

Access Anytime From Anywhere

Everything you need to run, operate, and grow your manufacturing is at your fingertips with FourJaw. Access the web app on your phone, tablet or PC for real-time visibility of all your KPI’s

Works On Any Machine

Running a factory with multiple machine brands? Some new and shiny, others old and dirty? No problem, FourJaw works on them all.

“Fourjaw is giving us the ability to see areas of downtime that in the past we would have had to micromanage to discover.”

Harry Gray
Sales Manager at KSW Engineering

Easy Clip, Plug & Play Install

Easy Clip, plug & Play Install

Our gear simply clips on to any machine then uses advanced machine learning algorithms to determine if the machine is being productive or not.

Inefficiencies that reduce your OEE score have nowhere to hide as the FourJaw machine monitoring platform gives the production manager a single, uniform view of the shopfloor, regardless of make, model or age of the machine the data is being extracted from.

Time To Bin Traditional CNC Machine Monitoring

Traditional Machine Monitoring Vs Cloud-Based Machine Monitoring

Move over traditional machine monitoring solutions. We’re on a mission to make access to machine monitoring as affordable and accessible as possible.

  Traditional Machine Monitoring Solutions FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

Zero-Commitment Monthly Subscription

No Installation Costs

ROI in Weeks, Not Months

Order to Installation in 2 Days

Can be Installed in Minutes

Works on Any Machine, Regardless of Age or Brand

Regular Security & Feature Updates Included

Traditional Machine Monitoring Solutions
FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

Zero-Commitment Monthly Subscription

No Installation Costs

ROI in Weeks, Not Months

Order to Installation in 2 days

Instantly Works on Any Machine

Security & Feature Updates Included

Installation Takes Minutes

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FourJaw Works On Any CNC Machine, Regardless Of Age, Brand Or Model

Say goodbye to manual process and hello to a new way of measuring and monitoring your factory’s production.  Account for 100% of production time and drops in OEE.



Install Hardware

Simply supply power to the IoT device, then attach a sensor to your machine’s power cable.


Connect To WiFi

Connect the hardware to your shop-floor WiFi network.


Unlock Productivity

Login to the app and start identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

*Self-installation takes only 10 minutes – no specialist experience required

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Learn how FourJaw gathers and consolidates your utilisation data across all of your machines
How to find your main reasons for downtime
How to see how your work orders are progressing



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  • Discover why monitoring your machines is critical

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