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CNC Machine Monitoring Software

That works on any machine...

An Award-winning CNC machine monitoring platform that enables factories to achieve manufacturing excellence.

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Why Monitor CNC Machines?

CNC machine monitoring enables manufacturers to detect potential production issues early, preventing costly downtime and production delays. By tracking performance metrics manufacturers can optimise their processes on and off their machines.


  • Improve production uptime
  • Improve factory floor communication
  • Understand what work is most profitable
  • Understand which shifts are more efficient & why
  • Reduce production backlogs & costs
  • Plan resources more efficiently
  • Remove, manual paper-based processes
  • Monitor energy usage and reduce carbon footprint

What's different about FourJaw's CNC Machine monitoring software?

Works With All CNC Machines
Our MachineLink IIoT device can be easily and quickly self-installed on any CNC machine, regardless of brand, type or age.
No Large Upfront Costs
With a simple self-installation, there's no need for upfront installation costs or costly ongoing maintenance contracts.
Can be Installed in Minutes
Our MachineLink hardware can be installed in as little as 10 minutes and it doesn't require any PLC integrations.

No More Guesswork

More and more manufacturers are finally getting rid of the guesswork and time-consuming manual reporting by switching to FourJaw’s CNC machine monitoring software helping them to improve productivity and profitability.

Machine operator and Production manager use CNC machine monitoring to improve productivity

Empower Your people with the right information

Improve communication across your shop floor with automated alerts, live dashboards and peer-to-peer in-app messaging.

  • Keep your team informed
  • Improve collaboration
  • Speed up decision making
  • Replace opinion with fact
  • Get everyone on the same page
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CNC Machine monitoring data presented on shop floor

Drive Growth & Understanding

Effectively monitoring and analysing CNC machine data, enables manufacturers to make their machines run productively and profitably. 

Identify Downtime Reasons
Real-time data provides the top reasons for machine downtime, by factory, cell or machine. Take action where it matters most.
Remove Bottlenecks
Quickly locate & fix production issues on day or night shifts. Remove bottlenecks to gain machine capacity day & night.
Live Data Capture
Focuses continual improvement efforts on the machines, cells, shifts or particular jobs where you can achieve the biggest gains.
Live Alerts
Improve speed of communication. Alert production managers based on tailored event triggers that are important to your operations. 

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What our customers say

"FourJaw's CNC machine monitoring solution has helped to quantify our initial thinking and put some value to it so that we could make more-informed data-based decisions. The recent product enhancements have made FourJaw a solution that is delivering real benefit from the top floor to the shop floor, it’s the team’s operational tool"
Rob McGrail - Armac Martin CEO
Rob McGrailArmac Martin CEO

Our Technology is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes

Taking your first step into the world of smart factory technology? We've put together a number of case studies showcasing how manufacturers who were once in your position have benefited from our machine monitoring platform. 

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FourJaw’s CNC machine analytics platform provides a fast payback period with a return on investment typically achieved in months, not years (and in some cases weeks).

As you’d expect, our technology comes with customer support to make sure you and your teams get the most from the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CNC machine monitoring?

CNC machine monitoring refers to software that tracks the performance and activity of CNC machines in real-time. 

CNC machine monitoring helps manufacturers reduce production downtime, improve quality control, boost production speed, and better optimise production schedules. Plus, its insights will help manufacturers make informed data-driven decisions to improve operations.

Does FourJaw only work on CNC machines?

FourJaw works on all machines, not just CNC machines.  FourJaw's technology works on any type of machine, no matter the type, brand or age. So whether your factory is made up of CNC machines, laser cutting machines or conveyor machines, FourJaw machine monitoring has you covered. 

View our machine monitoring page for more information.

What manufacturing sub sectors use your CNC machine monitoring software?

Our CNC machine monitoring software is trusted by manufacturers of all sizes in a range of manufacturing sub-sectors, including: 

How does a CNC machine monitoring system work?

FourJaw is a plug-and-play machine monitoring solution that combines IoT hardware and our cloud-based software platform to enable managers to easily and affordably understand, manage and improve the performance of their factory.

Find out more about how our machine monitoring system works. 

Machine operator see OEE data in real-time with FourJaw


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