No More Guesswork

No More Guesswork

More and more manufacturers are finally getting rid of the guesswork and time-consuming manual reporting by switching to FourJaw’s automated machine data collection system; helping them to improve productivity and profitability.

Tried, Tested And Trusted

What Our Customers Say

Steve Corbett

“We are now producing up to five times the number of parts with the same production costs”

Steve Corbett
Production Director at Durham-Duplex

Harry G

“We are finding instant successes and will now be rolling out the 3 machine trial to all 19 of our work centres in the coming months”

Harry G.
Sales Manager at KSW Engineering

Joe G

“The FourJaw system was easy to install on a variety of CNC machines, and started to produce useful data quickly.”

Joe G.
Management Trainee at Thurne

Take Control Of Your Shop Floor

FourJaw Solves Common Manufacturing Problems:

Communications Issues Between The Top Floor And Shop Floor

FourJaw makes sure everyone’s on the same page.

Wasting Time On Manual Data Capture When You Could Be Focusing On What’s Important

Our hardware automatically captures machine data from any and all machines.

Inaccurate Information Making It Hard For You To Know What The Truth Really Is

Manual data capture is inaccurate and laborious. FourJaw makes data capture quick and easy.

Run Your Shop Floor From Anywhere

Run Your Shop Floor From Anywhere.

Constantly patrolling the shop floor for issues may be excellent for getting your steps in, but it isn’t very productive, especially since FourJaw will automatically do all of this for you.

Everything you need to run, operate, and grow your manufacturing is at your fingertips with FourJaw. To that end, you should probably renew your gym membership.

Time To Bin Traditional CNC Machine Monitoring

Why Switch To FourJaw

  Traditional Machine Monitoring Solutions FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

Zero-Commitment Monthly Subscription

No Installation Costs

ROI in Weeks, Not Months

Order to Installation in 2 Days

Works on Any Machine, Regardless of Age or Brand

Regular Security & Feature Updates Included

Can be Installed in Minutes

Traditional Machine Monitoring Solutions
FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

Zero-Commitment Monthly Subscription

No Installation Costs

ROI in Weeks, Not Months

Order to Installation in 2 days

Instantly Works on Any Machine

Security & Feature Updates Included

Installation Takes Minutes

We’re Here To Help!

Power Your Command Centre With Live Data

Power Your Command Centre With Live Data

With automated alerts and live dashboards, live data connects your top floor to your shop floor, empowering your team to see issues as they arise and act on potential crises before they spoil your day.


FourJaw Works On Any CNC Machine, Regardless Of Age, Brand Or Model



Install Hardware

Simply supply power to the IoT device, then attach a sensor to your machine’s power cable.


Connect To WiFi

Connect the hardware to your shop-floor WiFi network.


Unlock Productivity

Login to the app and start identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

*Self-installation takes only 10 minutes – no specialist experience required

We’re Here To Help!

CNC Monitoring systems

How It Works

Unlike traditional CNC Monitoring systems, we don’t need expensive and time-consuming PLC integrations. Our gear simply clips on to any machine then uses advanced machine learning algorithms to determine if the machine is being productive or not.

This means FourJaw knows when your machine is truly productive (e.g. cutting metal) rather than when the spindles just turning.

Get In The Know

FourJaw Has All The Features You Need To Run Your Factory Effectively

Machine Monitoring

Monitor Factory Performance

Intuitive exploration of key production metrics, such as utilisation and top downtime reasons.

Downtime Alerts SEttings-1
Operational Alerts

React To Issues Quickly

When production issues arise, empower a rapid response by automatically sending a notification to the correct person or team.

Downtime Reasons
Downtime Tracking

What’s Causing Stoppages?

See what the main reasons for downtime are and proactively make changes.

Work Orders Progress

Track Progress Of Work Orders

Manage your entire factory from the palm of your hand, anywhere.

“Fourjaw is giving us the ability to see areas of downtime that in the past we would have had to micromanage to discover.”

Harry Gray
Sales Manager at KSW Engineering

Watch a Video Demo of FourJaw

Want to know what's under the hood? This quick video overview of how the platform works and what it does should give you a good idea.

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Learn how FourJaw gathers and consolidates your utilisation data across all of your machines
How to find your main reasons for downtime
How to see how your work orders are progressing


CNC machine monitoring solutions

No Large Capital Outlay, Easy To Install, Quick ROI

Unlike traditional CNC machine monitoring solutions, FourJaw was designed for ease of use; We don’t want cost or complexity to be the reasons you don't monitor your machines to get the most out of your factory.

Thanks to low-cost and flexible monthly payment plans, as well as the plug-and-play installation, install costs are minimal, allowing ROI in weeks rather than months, with near zero shop floor disruption.


Speak To An Expert

Find out how FourJaw can transform your CNC machine operations and request a personalised 1-to-1 demo with our New Business Director Oliver Pogmore

As part of the demo, Oliver will:

  • Discuss your factory's challenges and goals
  • Give you a personalised demo of the FourJaw platform
  • Show you why FourJaw is so easy and affordable
  • Discover why monitoring your CNC machines is critical

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