Spot issues before they create production problems

Automatic operational alerts can be set up to notify the relevant person when a machine encounters downtime.

This means no more worrying about missing shop floor issues before they spiral out of control.

✔️ Resolve production matters quicker
✔️ Locate bottlenecks on their production line
✔️ Get the best out of their current resources

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Notify the right person for the job

Based on the conditions you choose, send operational alerts/notifications to specified persons via pop-ups in the FourJaw app or email.

Operators can automatically notify production support engineers when they’re lacking stock material or equipment, meaning you can be confident the team are working together to solve issues quickly.

✔️ Collaborate efficiently as a team
✔️ Improve employee engagement
✔️ Continuously improve processes

Take Control Of Your Shop Floor

Your Factory Control Centre

Detect Issues Before They Ruin Your Day

Detect Operational Issues Before They Ruin Your Day

Know exactly what’s happening on your factory floor with real-time operational alerts, allowing you to take immediate action.

Eliminate Manual Data Capture

Eliminate Manual Data Capture

FourJaw automatically captures machine data so you can spend less time interrogating equipment and more time improving productivity.

Accessible, Affordable & Scalable

Accessible, Affordable & Scalable

Clip, plug & play installation, no long term contracts, works on any machine, regardless of brand, model or age.

Company Communication

Improve Employee Satisfaction And Company Communication

FourJaw makes everyone’s job easier, from the top floor to the shop floor, leading to higher employee satisfaction and a more relaxed culture.

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