About FourJaw

FourJaw is a manufacturing analytics platform that gives factories real-time visibility of their shop floors, so they can make the informed decisions that will cut down on downtime and boost productivity.

Someone showing an operations manager all about how FourJaw works on a tablet.

We Believe In Change

We believe that every factory deserves best-in-class digital infrastructure that is affordable and easy to use. We believe that every manufacturer must engage in continuous improvement to compete in the Industry 4.0 age.

But beyond all else, we believe that every Operations Manager should have accurate data in their hands to make the data-driven decisions that will drive the next significant step forward.

Why We’re Different

  1. FourJaw is the most affordable and user-friendly best-in-class manufacturing analytics solution available.

  2. FourJaw instantly works on any machine, regardless of brand, age or model

  3. Installing our clip-and-play hardware takes minutes and requires no specialist skills, just power and Wi-Fi

  4. Manufacturing data is securely stored in the cloud to be accessible from any device, anywhere

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